Do You Need to Garage Door Repair Services?

Nothing is more annoying than getting stuck behind the closed garage door waiting for it to open. You might wish that there were some magical works such as “open sesame” which would work to open a garage door. With the passage of time, automatic garage doors start to show trouble due to continuous use. The garage door should be inspected and maintained regularly if you expect it to function smoothly.

Expensive garage door repair might not be compulsory:

Most of the problems encountered with the garage door are smalls and can be handled easily. They may include garage door does not respond, stuck garage door, sagging movements of garage door, louder noises. Don’t jump to the conclusion that it should be treated by the professional garage door experts at once. The problems may be small which can easily be solved without the assistance of a technician. But major garage door problems should be treated by professional garage door repair services like, Garage Door San Antonio Texas in a safe manner. Here are the common reasons why your garage door does not open!!

Remote of garage door may have low power: First of check the handy remote to see if it is functioning. Often the problem gets sorted out when you replace the batteries of your remote. If you are able to operate the garage door manually using a wall-mounted pad, then you will be confident where the issue is.

Power cables are not plugged-in: It is a very common problem. When the garage door is not responding make sure that the motor is plugged in properly for getting enough power. If it is, try plugging it onto a new socket to check its functionality. Sometimes there may not be enough power in the first socket.

Photosensors may have no-line of sight: Automatic garage doors are equipped with safety sensors that need to have a clear line of sight to function. Garage door sensors are placed to detect any obstructions or objects on the path of the garage door while closing. It is similar to the operations of elevator doors. In case, these sensors are not aligned properly parallel to each other, the garage door will not open or close. Make sure there is no disruption or distraction on the photo eyes of sensors. They may get murky or dirty. As a part of routine garage door maintenance, you should clean the lens using a clean damp cloth.

Problems with garage door springs: There is a high possibility that torsion springs that are responsible to lift the weight of the garage door are not working well. In this case, don’t force the garage door to open. Consult a professional garage door expert as soon as possible. I do not suggest handling the DIY garage door spring project on your own. It is a dangerous task that needs special expertise to make sure that the garage door is safe to operate.

Cable problems of garage door: Broken garage door cables need an immediate solution. Cables can snap anytime which should be replaced. It is very risky to have weal cable on the garage door. It is also very dangerous work to accomplish. It is strongly advised to consult professional garage door services for this purpose.

Remember; Check all the above-mentioned problems before calling a garage door repair expert. However, if none of them solves the issue then it is the right time to call a professional garage door technician to do a job. Don’t try to conduct a DIY job as it may only lead to serve injuries and unnecessary costs. 


Garage Doors – Selecting an Automated Garage Door

Manual operated garage doors can be a big hassle during bad climate conditions. It can also be a physical challenge for people with a physical disability. Remote control operated garage door can eliminate the need of taking off from the vehicle in order to operate the garage door. In addition to this, it does not need any physical effort to open the garage door. It enhances the security and protection of your home. Any standard garage door can easily be converted into automated ones with limited cost.

Automatic garage doors

Modern garage doors are available in four basic formats that are operated by a motorized mechanism through a fixed or portable remote control device. The benefit of a hand-held remote control unit is that it facilitates you to operate the garage door from your vehicle. In the case of a fixed wall-mounted operating panel demands the user leaves the vehicle in order to operate the garage door which is not appreciated. For detailed information about the design, functionality, and practical applications of automated garage door; have a look at

Types of automatic garage doors

A side-hinged garage door can be installed with an automated mechanism but it is a very costly, complex, and least practical option especially if you have kids in your home. Up and over garage doors are the most common and famous style of garage doors which are easiest to install and converted into an automated system. The motorized mechanism will work efficiently on this type of garage door because of the counterbalancing system which eliminates the load that the motor has to manage. There are plenty of conversion kits available for these types of garage doors.

Roller garage doors are probably the ideal version for automation. These types of garage doors are normally created with either galvanized plastic-coated aluminum or steel with insulation which is roll around a tubular drum that is placed above the garage door opening. They work by sliding up and down on the rails to ensure a perfect mechanism for automation. Nowadays, roller garage doors come with automated features. 

Sliding garage doors are created with a series of sectional panels that run on the mounted tracks. These types of garage doors move around to either side of the garage’s opening to make the space accessible and stored vertically against the face of one of the walls of the garage when opened. They are ideal for automated operations and available ready to install motorized kits. The style of vertically operated garage door is known as “sectional garage door”.

Remote control features of automatic garage doors

In order to get maximum benefits from an automatic garage door, it strongly suggested that to choose a unit which offer hand-held remote control units. Many kits come with two remote control units which facilitate you to open or close your garage door without leaving your car alone. These battery-operated units will easily fit into your pocket or bag. They normally have operational distance from 50 to 60 feet and can be used to trigger garage lighting.  

At the bottom, while installing an automatic garage door, it is essential to ensure that there is a control pad inside the garage to operate a garage door manual in the case of power failure or mechanical fault.


Secure Your Garage Door With Best Care

The garage door is one of the most important devices of your home. It helps you to park your car and protects it from harsh weather and thieves and also improves the beauty of your building.

The security and convenience features you get from the garage door depend on the type of door.  Each type of garage door has its own characteristics, advantages, disadvantages, and installing cost. It is better to do some search to find the best garage door option that suits your budget and needs.  Click Here to get more information about available garage doors.

You can choose the automatic or manual garage door according to your preferences. An automatic garage door will cost you more than others. But it will offer you more convenience and comfort since you don’t have to leave your vehicle to operate your garage door manually. One of the most essential factors that should be kept in mind is to consider the size and design of the garage door.

The sectional garage door is the most common type of garage door. It consists of 4 to 6 panels that would move towards the ceiling with the help of a fixed track. It only needs enough space over the ceiling but it does not require too much area outside the garage to be opened fully. Thus it is an excellent choice for short drive-through and narrow spaces. Sectional and Up & Over garage doors are available in the market with different colors, sizes, and materials which also provide a classy look to your home.

Roller garage doors consist of rectangular shaped panels that are not fixed to tracks. It works to roll up the panels similar to carpet over the ceiling of the garage. The important part of the roller garage door is the barrel which helps it to rolls up. A broken or rusty barrel will result in costly garage door replacement. You can also enjoy it with the automatic garage door opener to lower down the expenses of maintenance. To check the working conditions of roller garage door, open it manually up to its halfway. If it has some issues, it should not roll up smoothly which needs maintenance. Try to clean the panels and tracks with silicone spray to make it smoother and functional.

Before consulting with professional garage door services to get a rough estimation, it is good to do some homework to understand the basic types of available garage doors. Having extensive knowledge about the mechanism, functions, durability, costs of garage doors will help you to make a cleaver decision. There are plenty of garage doors like, automatic, rollers, Up & Over, sectional garage door available in the market to choose from.  Select the one which is best for you according to your needs and budget.