A garage door is one of the important and basic equipment of your everyday life. When you get ready to go to the office and operate your garage door with just a flick of remote control, you never realize what essential equipment it is.

However, when something goes wrong or your garage door become malfunctions, you do not have any option of getting out of your car, you understand how essential it is to your daily life.  Well, when your garage door starts to malfunction, it is extremely important that you conduct garage door repair at the soonest. Click here to get more information about the garage door repair services.

Fixing a malfunctioning garage door is not very difficult. You can perform garage door repair projects on your own if you are good with handy tools. However, if you are not confident about your capabilities, do not attempt any garage door repair task as it could hurt you. Following are the common problems that you can treat on your own.

  • The garage door does not respond to the remote control at all
  • The opener running but the garage door does not function
  • The garage door opens and closes partially
  • You need to work harder to operate the garage door
  • Garage door creating loud sounds while opening and closing

If you are experiencing any of these problems, you can start the garage door repair project right now. A garage door repair project normally involves some testing of garage door parts, checking the condition of the motor, changing the batteries of the remote, lubricating the moving parts, as well as aligning the tracks in the right manner.

Before starting the work, you should check the power supply because you need to have a continuous power supply to test the performance of the garage door. Next, you need to determine the operating system of the garage door on which your garage door works. There are two types of springs that are used on the garage doors. One is extension springs and the other is a torsion springs system. The extension springs system is easier to fix and adjust. You should inspect the garage door to find out broken cables, pulleys, springs, or damaged rollers.

If your garage door has a torsion spring system, you need to hire a reputed garage door company. It is because such a spring is large and mounted over the top of the garage which hurts you while performing garage door repair work.

If you need temporary fixes, you should pull the red cord that hangs from the garage door opener. Pulling the cord will help you to disconnect the garage door from its openers and you will be able to open the garage door manually. If you have broken garage door springs, the garage door might close suddenly, so be careful and keep your kids away from it when you are conducting a garage door repair.

However, if you experience that the problem lies with the garage door tracks not with the springs, you may need to replace the damaged tracks. Take care to read the manufacturer’s instructions in this regard.