Installing and fixing garage door system can cost a lot of money. Badly damaged garage doors need to be replaced. This is why it can be great headache if your current system is not functioning as smoothly as it was and you cannot diagnose the problems to the causes. If you are searching to find out a professional garage door expert from Up & Over Garage Door Repair to make a major decision, read this article to learn common garage door problems and their troubleshooting techniques.

  • Look around:

The first thing you need to do is to look around to find out the exact causes of malfunctioning. You will be surprised at how many problems can be caused by small faulty areas somewhere in the assembly.

  • Clean up:

Normally, a thick gooey material accumulates around the tracks and rollers of the garage door. It can be result by accumulated dust and the old lubricant used for the garage door. They will result if friction that may cause the system to get stick. Wash garage door with the help of mild washing liquid to remove the substances.

  • Lubrication:

Sometimes your garage door does not function correctly because its hardware and other moving parts are not cleaned oiled. This task should be performed at least twice a month. Avoid idler bearings. Oil and silicone spray is best for rollers and powdered graphite can be used on tracks. Spread few drops of oil and wait for few second to allow them to spread evenly.

  • Check garage door springs:

It is also good to check the garage door springs and cables. Garage door extension springs can be found along the sides of the tracks that running from pulley. Make sure that springs and cables are not broken. If they are then call professional garage door experts to replace them. Another spring system is torsion spring system that is used on garage door. They are dangerous to handle so professional garage door technician must be called.

  • Check hardware:

Garage door system is subject to general wear and tear. Moving hardware such as, hinges, blots, and screws also tend to break over a time. You should check them as an operating mechanism of garage door. Sometimes, just a good cleaning and tightening can solve the problems. Make sure that garage door hardware is tightened properly and garage door is not sagging. Make sure those frames where the hinges are connected are in good working position.

  • Check the tracks:

Inspect the garage door thoroughly to find out the dents and bumps on the metal tracks. They are really important for the smooth functionality of garage door. Check the alignment of tracks and tap the affected area to their original position. Broken garage door tracks that are beyond to fixing should be replaced.

Garage door is weighted and bulky object so; it may need some detailed work to find out the malfunctioning. If you are not an experienced handyman, call professional garage door experts to get free estimation on garage door repair work.