Garage doors need regular maintenance services to make sure that they are functioning smoothly in the way they were designed to. Unluckily, most homeowners are unaware that the garage door and its components including torsion springs need occasional routine maintenance and safety checkups.

To keep your garage door in its good working position, you need to perform some lubrication and maintenance check-ups to the torsion spring system which is the most critical but important part of the garage door. These springs are the most obvious culprits which need special attention whenever you are experiencing problems either opening or closing operations. Whatever the problem behind the non-functioning garage door, it is highly recommended that consult professional garage door experts like Garage Door Guru Oakland to deal with them.

Garage door torsion springs are retained under extreme pressure and wounded very tightly. Due to the extreme tension, the heavy-duty steel springs will wear with the passage of time and eventually snap. The sudden breakage of torsion springs can result in serious injuries or property damages. Safety measurements exist with the torsion springs because of the size and pressure that this equipment is subject to. Regular garage door maintenance is compulsory to ensure that your garage door lasts longer for several years in a perfect functioning position. Even if one of the torsion springs is worn out or damaged, the garage door would not work properly and immediate replacement should be required at this stage. If you are not confident enough, you should take the help of a professional garage door expert.  

Although certain adjustments can be done individually, it is highly recommended that the garage door technician is called to deal with the major concerns. There are inherent risks present in the fixing of springs and a technician would be the right person to handle these issues.

Some homeowners got injured while fixing or adjusting the springs themselves. In simple words, garage door springs adjusted improperly make the operations of pulling the garage door open and shutting it down very hard. Don’t forget that damaged rollers, loose springs, and frayed cables are deadlier as they might come down causing fatal injuries and death. 

Hence, regular inspection of the garage door and its attached hardware is essential to keep it functional. You may consult a manual provided by the manufacturer to check all the hardware of the garage door including torsion springs.

Detailed instructions are provided in the manual regarding the springs to be inspected and maintained. The complete mechanism of the garage door and the proper method of lubrication and adjusting the parts are also included in the manual. Make sure that all the bolts, nuts, and screws are tightened securely so that they should move freely. In addition to this, you should also meticulously find out the signs of any potential damages to the mechanism. The stability of garage door tracks is essential and it should not be sagging when the garage doors go up and down.

To check the condition of the springs, just open the garage door to its halfway. If the garage door remains stable in its position, the tension of spring is perfect. If the garage door falls suddenly, the tension of the spring is excessively loose. On the other hand, the garage door moves further from its position then the tension is extremely tight. It is also suggested that hire professional garage door services to deal with the garage door torsion spring in order to avoid fatal accidents and further damages.